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My exclusive & personalized 1:1 mentorship & coaching opportunities are designed for established photographers who dream of having a business they're eager to wake up to; It's for the amateurs who are seeking to improve their photography and editing skills to absolutely love their photos.

Whether you're just starting out or struggling with different facets of your established business, I'm here to guide you through a caring & creative approach by providing a safe and non-judgment space. My goal is for you to LOVE working ON your business!


Let's Work

I get it though, you may not even know where to begin. It can be daunting to take the next step in order to uplevel your business. However, I wholeheartedly believe in seeking one on one help to have the opportunity to ask questions in the moment. This is not a one-size fits all approach. So, if I can personally help you avoid certain pitfalls and inspire you to run your business with your HEART, then why not? My purpose is to help YOU reach your goals and initiate positive change.

If you're like me, I know you have BIG GOALS and are ready to make a change! I was there, where you are, asking myself: "How can I become the go-to photographer in my area, how can I attract top dream clients and charge my true worth?, how can I just be better at....?". 

So, are you ready to elevate your business?

i know you have

big goals

I'm ready to be empowered?

Are you feeling overwhelmed doing "all the things", yet, you're stagnant? Let me tell you, sometimes, just slightly tweaking your game plan is all you need to grow, transform, and set yourself on the path to success! I've been where you're at. I KNOW the feeling.

- liliana chavez
Maria is unlike anyone else I have ever mentored with before. With her patience and guidance, I was able to create a premium client experience. Hands down the best mentor photographer in the business!
"I was able to create a premium client experience"

love notes

Maria makes my wife laugh until she cries and sometimes snorts.

love notes

Maria loves avocados and hardly EVER farts. And when she does it smells like flowers.
                                                 are my drivers as an artist, a creative, and a mentor.

My true passion lies in helping YOU identify your brand's values & vision. Understanding the "WHY" behind the work that you do, determines your approach and the systems you implement in your business.

My hope is to provide insight into your current business model, give you actionable advice, make your processes more manageable and sustainable and infuse confidence in YOU to help you achieve your goals and grow a business you love! 

Meet Maria

Intention, Purpose & Passion

Meet Maria

My true passion lies in helping YOU identify your brand's values & vision.

I'm an agricultural engineer turned professional photographer. Sometimes it even sounds strange when I say out loud, I know, but life had other plans for me. My roots were always in the arts from my first memories.  However, at 18, something called me to pursue agriculture. After 4 years in college and 10 years practicing, I took the leap to follow my true passion - photography. Agriculture taught me grit like nothing else in life. You have no choice but to work hard, period.

I lived in Costa Rica for 10 years before I met my husband. After much debate, I finally packed up and moved [back] to Ecuador. I went back to Costa Rica for a couple of weeks to pack up a few last things. That’s when we met - on that trip! I mean...the timing of it, right? How had we never crossed paths? And well, the rest is history! We are parents to two young men with the biggest hearts - what we are most proud of.

the informal


things I love

fun facts

Dancing and singing to Latin music always! Car windows down in the summer, with my favorite playlist. Laughing until my cheeks hurt, deep convos late into the night. My favorite part of the day is my morning 'cafesito' while catching up on the phone with my besties. My family is without question my #1 love ALWAYS.

100% this is for you if you're fairly new to this and are confused as to where to start! I so wish I had someone to literally sit with me one on one and explain it all - from the very beginning! Let's get you on the path to understanding all the nitty gritty details of your camera gear and OMG....all that software so you can truly love create the photographs you envision. Ready to consider the possibility of going from amateur to professional, but have no idea how to attract clients and how to even start a business? I am ready to work with you!


& Amateur Photographers

is this

I thrive on witnessing people succeed with my help. I do! I admit it. It's ingrained in my personality type... what can I say. Are you struggling with business and editing workflows and crave more efficiency? Not sure about pricing structures, posing, client communication? Are you looking to finally go from shoot & burn to providing a luxury client experience? Then I'm your person!
Established Photographers

yes, this is what I need!

Do you have a specific goal you want to focus on? These sessions are spaced out over 4 weeks or one full day in person.


  • Improve workflows & systems
  • Finding your ideal client
  • Client communication 
  • Elevating the client journey
  • Pricing your collections
  • Creating Templates
  • Styled Shoots
  • Camera use & gear: from auto to manual step by step

Includes a 30min Clarity Session to kickstart your coaching & planning.

Mentoring Call


Pick my brain! Need a new perspective? Let's chat where you're at in your business or skills. What's working & what's not.


  • Portfolio or Website        critique/review
  • Crafting The Luxury Client Experience
  • Client Communication
  • Workflow Templates
  • Software, Hardware, etc. to run a smooth business
  • Editing & Workflow in Lightroom
  • Camera gear

The Styled Shoot

  • 1 hour prep session (Zoom call)
  • 2 hour styled model shoot
  • Model will be styled in 3 unique outfits
  • Model will have professional Hair & Makeup
  • I will help you direct the senior as well as walk you through my thought process on camera angles, lenses, lighting, location, and session posing flow
  • 1 hour culling & editing in-person session
  • 1 hour Clarity Session at any point after the shoot
  • You'll obtain all rights to the images you shoot to use in your portfolio.

By the end of this Styled Shoot experience, you will walk away empowered, with a collection of beautiful images to add to your portfolio and start attracting your ideal client. And in the process, a reset to your creativity!


1:1 Mentorship

(4) x 1 hour sessions

& VIP day

A customized styled senior session crafted for YOU - one that reflects YOUR brand and that will attract your ideal client! Styled shoots are my jam and are what have consistently brought in excited clients year after year. 


full day experience

Select Your Session

Pay directly here and we'll schedule your session!

I'm ready to do this!

+ tax

2 hour session


+ tax

• Clients must reside/practice at least 60 miles outside of the 21209 zip code. 

• Payment plan options may be available. Please inquire for a customized plan.

- alejandra escalante
Maria not only worked with me on the technical side of my photography and editing skills, but also in building my confidence to value my offerings and raise my prices. With her help, I was able to create a seamless client experience."
"Maria helped build my confidence to raise my prices"

love notes

Maria makes my wife laugh until she cries and sometimes snorts.

love notes

Maria loves avocados and hardly EVER farts. And when she does it smells like flowers.
2024 Schedule!

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JULY 15-17

APRIL 29 - MAY 1

September 23-25
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I will be speaking at several photography conferences this year and sharing my knowledge on Creative Shoots, Workflows to create a Seamless Client Experience and how to run a Purpose-Drive Business.

If you find yourself needing to CONNECT with other like-minded photographers in a group setting to network, learn and create, I've got you covered!

Click the links below to explore which conferences may be the best fit for you. You can book your spot for a conference directly on each website using my personal code. I hope to see you there! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or fill out the contact form below!


Feb 26-29 (LIVE)


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These are some of my go-to business resources, tools and products that may help you in your photography and creative journey. I use each of these in my current business so I've done the hard work for you and I'd love to share them with you! 

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